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Taking action after your child was misdiagnosed

When your child is suffering from an illness, you have no choice but to have faith in the medical practitioners that treat him or her. In the vast majority of cases, children are diagnosed accurately and treated appropriately when they become ill.

However, when there is a delayed diagnosis or a misdiagnosis, serious or even tragic consequences can occur. This is especially true in cases of young children, since they can be more vulnerable to disease.

Despite Ohio laws, people still text while driving all the time

Public awareness of the dangers posed by distracted drivers is at an all-time high. More people than ever understand how risky it is to send text messages or emails while in control of a motor vehicle. Both citizens and lawmakers have begun to push back against this dangerous trend by advocating for better traffic laws that reflect the temptation and risk created by mobile devices.

Thankfully, Ohio has laws in place that specifically prohibit any form of text-based communication while driving a vehicle, including SMS messaging and sending emails. Unfortunately, this law has done very little to detract from the number of people willing to engage in dangerous distraction while driving. That leaves everyone on the road at serious risk of injury.

Do you know about commercial trucks’ black boxes?

Large commercial trucks are some of the most dangerous hazards on the roads these days, and when consumer drivers experience collisions with these large trucks, the results are often catastrophic. Needless to say, building a strong personal injury claim after a commercial truck accident is essential to a full recovery.

Of course, even if the accident was entirely the fault of the truck driver or some other party associated with the truck, pursuing truck accident claims is no picnic. If you experience a truck accident and don't gather several forms of crucial evidence as soon as possible, building a strong claim is much more difficult and receiving full compensation is much less likely.

Defective vehicle parts can contribute to serious crashes

When you get behind the wheel of your car, whether it's brand new or been in the family for years, you expect the vehicle to be safe to drive. After all, vehicles do pose a substantial public safety risk, and thousands of people die every year in crashes.

Given the critical importance of their products, you probably assume that every piece in your vehicle has been adequately tested both in design and during production. You believe that your vehicle is reliable and safe to use. However, that isn't always the case. Sometimes, vehicles make it to the market with defective parts. Other times, a defect only becomes obvious once there is significant wear on a component.

Drunk drivers a risk on the roads and waterways in the summer

Summer is the season that calls people outside. Lakes and rivers around Ohio attract residents hoping to fish, swim or go boating. Small towns all over the Midwest benefit from summer vacations, with people renting cabins or visiting attractions to relax and enjoy the season with their loved ones. Unfortunately, the same seasonal celebrations that lead to an influx in tourism money can also increase the risk to people on the roads or out on boats.

While the law in Ohio is perfectly clear about both driving and boating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, many people still break these laws. Their choices can put you and your family at risk of injury or death. Even boating crashes can result in serious injuries.

Does your vehicle have a dangerous Takata air bag?

It's hard to imagine a number like 1 million, but that's not even close to how many cars have been recalled as a result of dangerous Takata air bags. Over the last decade, approximately 37 million vehicles have been subjected to Takata air bag recalls, and it's not because they could fail to deploy. It's because they could explode like grenades.

A total of 22 people have already died throughout the world because of these defective devices, so it's vital that you check to see if your car needs a free repair. Failure to do so could result in a defective air bag exploding and shooting deadly metal shrapnel into the passenger compartment.

Basic boating accident safety: How to avoid injuries

If your family enjoys boating in the spring and summer months, you probably value the weekend days you spend on the water creating special memories. However, boating and the watersports activities that go along with it also have the potential to be dangerous. Ohio boaters need to make sure they're doing everything possible to stay safe.

Fortunately, by following your common sense safety knowledge and the tips described below, you should be able to enjoy your favorite water activities without fear of injury or death befalling your loved ones.

Physical therapy can create financial hardship after a crash

Experiencing a motor vehicle collision can leave you or people you love injured. Some people suffer severe injuries, such as closed head/traumatic brain injuries or internal bleeding. Other common injuries include spinal damage, broken bones and soft tissue injuries. While you may be grateful to have survived the crash, it's important to look realistically at the costs associated with such an accident.

For many people, the aftermath of a collision lasts for days or weeks. There will be a need for immediate medical care, as well as adjusting your life to work around the injuries while you heal. Some people overlook potential expenses, such as physical therapy, that can grow over time. Failing to address these potential expenses as you plan your recovery could leave you in a difficult place.

Watch for signs of brain injuries in the days after a crash

Many people assume that if they can physically walk away from a collision, they're unhurt and can proceed with their daily life. While it may be true that you don't have obvious injuries, like broken bones or a spinal injury, you could still be seriously hurt without realizing it at first. If there is any reason to suspect a potential injury, you should always err on the side of caution and seek a medical evaluation.

One of the most serious and debilitating injuries commonly associated with motor vehicle collisions is also one of the slowest to present symptoms. Brain injuries can happen in a number of ways in a crash, such as hitting your head on a window, seat or steering wheel or experiencing severe shaking, such as when your vehicle rolls. You should carefully monitor yourself and any children from the vehicle for signs of brain injuries for several days after a crash.

Abdominal pain after a car accident can prove deadly

Car accidents are violent experiences for the human body, and even relatively minor accidents can produce surprisingly serious injuries. Often, when a person experiences a car accident, he or she receives injuries that do not produce pain immediately, known as delayed-pain injuries.

While many of these injuries can produce long-lasting effects and may create lasting discomfort or even disability, delayed pain injuries in a person's abdomen are immediate emergencies.

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