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Is it illegal to drink on a boat?

For many people, drinking and boating just seem to go together. As you pull away from the dock, you see countless boaters with one hand on the wheel and a beer in the other hand. Even if they don't actively drink and drive, you know that plenty of people anchor their boats and spend the afternoon drinking and swimming, only to drive back as night falls, still intoxicated.

Many of these same people would never drink and drive on the highway. They know it's illegal in a car, and they know it's dangerous. But they take a more relaxed view of drinking on the water because that afternoon in the sun feels like a vacation.

Spouse injured? Make a claim for loss of consortium

After your spouse got injured in an auto accident, your life changed as well. Sometimes it almost seems as if you were riding shotgun with your spouse that day. Because just as if you were beside them in the car, life as you knew it changed immediately.

Not only did your spouse help you "bring home the bacon," they helped around the house and with child-rearing duties. They were a full and equal partner with you in all ways, including intimacy. But since the accident that injured them, nothing is the same as before.

Did you suffer delayed whiplash in a car accident?

Car accidents may cause injuries that are not obvious and do not cause any pain for several hours or even days afterward, and some of these can completely immobilize a victim once they set in. Soft tissue injuries, commonly called whiplash, sometimes cause intense pain throughout the neck, back and torso of a victim, but only after they leave the scene of the accident and take a rest.

When whiplash sets in, a victim may feel shooting pain throughout several areas of their body, and may not even be able to move. For most people, being able to move without agonizing pain is an important part of doing their jobs, and whiplash can make it virtually impossible to work and bring in income.

A mild brain injury can ruin anyone’s career

No matter what field of work a person is in, a brain injury can quickly destroy their working relationships, as well as their personal relationships. Often, these injuries do not present any symptoms for up to two weeks, and by that time the victim may not even remember that they suffered a blow to the head at all.

Unfortunately, the symptoms of a minor brain injury often disrupt a victim's ability to complete familiar tasks and may cause frustrating miscommunications with coworkers, family, and friends.

How are bicycle accidents different when children are involved?

When a vehicle strikes a bicyclist, there's a high chance of a catastrophic injury -- particularly if the car is traveling quickly. Furthermore, if the cyclist was obeying the rules of the road, there's also a chance that the cyclist can hold the vehicle driver financially responsible for his or her injuries.

But what if the cyclist was not obeying the rules of the road? What if the cyclist darts into traffic unexpectedly? In most cases, this fact could serve to diminish the liability of the vehicle driver or remove all liability from the vehicle driver. But that's not necessarily the case when the bike accident involves a child cyclist.

Truck accident claims can involve several defendants

Building an injury claim after a commercial truck accident is often much more complicated than an injury claim from an accident between consumer drivers, even when the causes of the accident are not disputed. Victims who experience commercial truck accidents must focus on building their claims as soon as they can, because the longer they wait, the more difficult it is to gather important evidence to make a strong case.

Commercial trucks haul cargo for businesses, meaning that there are usually more parties involved in the claim than the driver alone. The more complicated the accident, the more difficult it is to understand how to fight for fair compensation, so a well-crafted legal strategy and professional guidance are useful ways keep victims' rights protected during recovery.

Soccer head injuries devastating to young athletes

Ohio parents of children who play contact sports should be aware of the risks their kids face from concussions. The medical field is evolving regarding the diagnosis and treatment of concussions in children as well as adults. What industry professionals have learned is that early intervention may be key to mitigating damage — both now and in the future.

One adolescent girl in another state experienced first-hand the trauma that repetitive blows to the head can induce. The girl was a seventh grade soccer player who was forced to give up contact sports after a devastating head injury she experienced during an after-school practice.

Taking action after your child was misdiagnosed

When your child is suffering from an illness, you have no choice but to have faith in the medical practitioners that treat him or her. In the vast majority of cases, children are diagnosed accurately and treated appropriately when they become ill.

However, when there is a delayed diagnosis or a misdiagnosis, serious or even tragic consequences can occur. This is especially true in cases of young children, since they can be more vulnerable to disease.

Despite Ohio laws, people still text while driving all the time

Public awareness of the dangers posed by distracted drivers is at an all-time high. More people than ever understand how risky it is to send text messages or emails while in control of a motor vehicle. Both citizens and lawmakers have begun to push back against this dangerous trend by advocating for better traffic laws that reflect the temptation and risk created by mobile devices.

Thankfully, Ohio has laws in place that specifically prohibit any form of text-based communication while driving a vehicle, including SMS messaging and sending emails. Unfortunately, this law has done very little to detract from the number of people willing to engage in dangerous distraction while driving. That leaves everyone on the road at serious risk of injury.

Do you know about commercial trucks’ black boxes?

Large commercial trucks are some of the most dangerous hazards on the roads these days, and when consumer drivers experience collisions with these large trucks, the results are often catastrophic. Needless to say, building a strong personal injury claim after a commercial truck accident is essential to a full recovery.

Of course, even if the accident was entirely the fault of the truck driver or some other party associated with the truck, pursuing truck accident claims is no picnic. If you experience a truck accident and don't gather several forms of crucial evidence as soon as possible, building a strong claim is much more difficult and receiving full compensation is much less likely.

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