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October 2015 Archives

Can A Simple Pamphlet Reduce TBI Problems In Children?

"Traumatic brain injury (TBI)" - the phrase alone makes parents shiver. Nothing is more terrifying than being told that your child has suffered such an injury. For too many parents, however, that fear will become a reality. The CDC estimates that one out of every 30 children will suffer a brain injury of some kind by age 16.

Exercise Band Seriously Injures 75-Year-Old Senator

It really doesn't matter how rich, famous or powerful you are. No one is immune from defective or dangerous products. This is amply illustrated by the recent lawsuit filed by U.S. senator Harry Reid.

Company Issues Allergy Alert To Those With Milk Or Soy Sensitivities

We all tend to trust that the food we eat is safe for us. Nobody goes to the grocery store expecting to buy something that will prove harmful - or even deadly. Unfortunately, more and more companies across the U.S. are making it into the news for producing or distributing tainted foods. Their negligence puts innocent people at risk.

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