Accident At Ohio Amusement Park Brings Questions About Ride Safety

An accident at an Ohio amusement park has injured two people and raised questions about ride safety regulations.

Lack of federal oversight makes it difficult to assess the safety record of amusement parks

Two people were recently injured on a thrill ride at a popular Ohio amusement park, according to the Plain Dealer. The incident happened when a cable disconnected from the ride and struck two guests. While it is unclear whether the ride has had safety design problems, it has been shut down previously because of mechanical issues. This latest incident is raising questions about overall amusement park safety and whether federal regulations are needed to protect guests.

Cable detached

The incident occurred on July 26 when a cable became detached from a ride that swings guests 125 feet into the air. The cable struck two people, although it was unclear if those people were on the ride at the time or were simply guests on the ground. One person received medical care at the park, while the other was sent to hospital. Officials did not disclose the extent of either guest’s injuries.

The ride has suffered other mechanical problems since opening in 2006. The ride was closed last year for an extended period of time because of mechanical issues and parts needing to be replaced.

Amusement park safety

As the New York Times recently reported, the issue of amusement park safety has been raised more frequently in recent years. While the Consumer Product Safety Commission controls safety regulations for portable rides, such as those found at fairs and carnivals, fixed-site rides found at major amusement parks are not subject to federal regulation. As a result, counties and states are responsible for regulating such safety standards. Because some jurisdictions have no such safety regulations, many amusement parks are free to regulate themselves.

While the amusement park industry claims that it does a good job with safety, nondisclosure agreements in personal injury lawsuits involving ride accidents make it very difficult to assess that safety record. Proposals have been made by lawmakers to introduce federal oversight for the industry, including collecting data on accidents and injuries involving children.

Product and premises liability

While an amusement park accident is a very specific type of injury, the truth is that people can suffer injuries almost anywhere and at any time. In many personal injury cases, especially those involving product or premises liability issues, a third party may have contributed to a person’s injury.

Anybody who has been injured possibly due to the negligence of another party should contact an experienced personal injury attorney. An attorney will fight to make sure his or her clients receive the compensation they deserve for the pain and suffering they have gone through.

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