Mammograms: False Positives vs. Diagnosing Breast Cancer

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Recently there has been a good deal of publicity about whether or not middle aged women are getting too many false positives following routine mammograms. Most people probably know that a “false positive” is medical jargon for a false alarm or erroneous suggestion that there is something wrong medically, when in fact there is not. Because of this, a good many women who really had nothing wrong with their breasts wound up having biopsies, etc. because of the mammography report.

We would like to encourage all women, (young and old), to speak very directly and frankly with their doctors about this. If there is any indication of a lump or abnormality during a routine breast exam, you must consult with your doctor.

We certainly are not in the business of giving medical advice, but can report that too many of our clients died at too young an age because of their failure to obtain mammography, and even worse, when the mammograms were improperly interpreted and a tumor missed. These families were devastated by the early death of their loved one and we had to file suit against the negligent health care provider to obtain compensation for the wrongful death.  Misdiagnosis of Cancer – JKFM Website Information

We also would like to point out that the American Cancer Society’s mammogram guidelines still call for yearly mammogram screening beginning at age 40 for women of average risk for breast cancer. Please be very proactive on your own behalf, do a regular breast examination, and if there are any abnormalities whatsoever, talk to your doctor. Do not stop getting mammograms simply because of the recent publicity.

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