Holiday dangers: Cinco de Mayo and drunk driving

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Cinco de Mayo is just a few days away. It’s a fun celebration every May 5th, but it does pose some dangers to those who celebrate and to those who don’t.

In America, most people celebrating Cinco de Mayo head to Mexican restaurants for themed meals and drinks, but this means there’s a heavy influx of people drinking and then getting behind the wheel. While many bars and restaurants will stop individuals from driving if they’ve had too much, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, this means that if you’ve suffered an injury because of a drunk driver, the restaurant or bar could be liable on top of the driver being liable.

Why is Cinco de Mayo so dangerous?

Cinco de Mayo is dangerous because hundreds of people head out for afternoon and dinner parties. Happy hours are extended and drinking is commonplace. Alcohol plays a role in the celebration itself, so it’s much more common to drink on Cinco de Mayo than on other holidays, like Christmas, where alcohol is not commonly used as a central symbolic part of the celebration.

How many people are killed on Cinco de Mayo due to drunk drivers?

Between 2011 and 2015, there were 270 people killed across the nation as a result of drunk driving crashes on Cinco de Mayo. In 2015, 40 people were killed during the celebration period.

What can you do to stay safer on Cinco de Mayo?

Deaths from drunk driving crashes are preventable, which makes them all the more tragic when they occur. You can help prevent accidents by planning to have a designated driver if you’re going out to celebrate.

If you are hosting a party, consider taking each person’s keys at the door. You can also serve non-alcoholic drinks or have space for people who drink too much to spend the night. Have a ride-share service ready, too, so you can get someone a ride if he or she insists on heading home despite being intoxicated.

If you do see someone driving drunk on the roads, don’t be afraid to report him or her. Your report could save someone’s life.

If you or someone you know is injured or killed, there are legal options open to you. You can file a claim to seek out compensation for the losses you’ve suffered.


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