Yes, you can still get medical care days after a crash

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After your auto accident, you felt pretty decent. You thought you walked away lucky and didn’t have any injuries. It wasn’t more than 48 hours later when you realized your error.

After the adrenaline of the crash wore off, you began to ache. Your neck hurt, your head hurt and your chest was so sore it was hard to breathe. Bruising started to develop where it wasn’t before and darkened in other places. Now, you’re ready to seek medical help.

Can you still seek a claim if you didn’t go to the doctor after a car accident?

While it’s better to go right away after a crash, having injuries develop hours or days later is physiologically possible. You’ll need to be able to show that your injuries are definitely related to the car accident if you seek treatment now and intend to file a claim for compensation.

How can you prove the injuries are related to the car accident?

When you meet the doctor, tell him or her that you were in an auto accident. Explain that these injuries developed since the crash and have now worsened to the stage where you want medical help. The provider will perform tests and services. He or she can determine if the injuries are consistent with other injuries people have suffered in car crashes. For example, if you have now developed whiplash, it’s most likely that the whiplash was from the accident. A bruise along the chest in the shape of a seat belt would also easily be linked to the collision’s impact.

After a collision, you still have the right to further medical treatment. Keep the records, so you can give them to your attorney for negotiation purposes later on. Even though you waited to get medical help, you can still show that the injuries are related and get compensation.


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