Physical therapy can create financial hardship after a crash

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Experiencing a motor vehicle collision can leave you or people you love injured. Some people suffer severe injuries, such as closed head/traumatic brain injuries or internal bleeding. Other common injuries include spinal damage, broken bones and soft tissue injuries. While you may be grateful to have survived the crash, it’s important to look realistically at the costs associated with such an accident.

For many people, the aftermath of a collision lasts for days or weeks. There will be a need for immediate medical care, as well as adjusting your life to work around the injuries while you heal. Some people overlook potential expenses, such as physical therapy, that can grow over time. Failing to address these potential expenses as you plan your recovery could leave you in a difficult place.

Physical therapy is often necessary for a full recovery

Modern medicine can do amazing things, especially for people suffering from trauma. Doctors in proper facilities have the ability to mend puncture wounds, repair damaged organs, set bones and even replace joints or sections of bone too damaged to support the body any more. No matter how serious the injuries from a crash may be, there is almost always hope for recovery.

However, injuries to the body require more than just medicine, surgeries and trauma care. Your body will also need to adjust to the injured tissue, heal itself and develop strength again after healing. Weeks or months of disuse can lead to atrophy of the muscles. That can leave you week, with a reduced range of motion. Physical therapy helps you regain strength and flexibility. However, it takes a lot of work and often months of treatment for a full recovery.

Physical therapy is often quite expensive

For those with spinal injuries or severe trauma to the head or limbs, inpatient care at a rehabilitation facility is often the first step in the recovery process. Every day in one of these centers can cost thousands of dollars, depending on the care you receive. Even after your discharge, you will likely still need to pursue outpatient physical therapy.

In some cases, you may need several sessions a week for months or longer. That can result in massive expenses, as each session will result in a new bill. If you have a high co-insurance or deductible, that could mean paying out of pocket or not getting the care you need to recover.

You shouldn’t have to pay to recover after a crash

When someone else causes a collision that leaves you hurt, you shouldn’t have to bear the financial burden that results. Someone with a mediocre insurance policy in Ohio may only have coverage that offsets initial expenses, not your ongoing care. If you find that your injuries exceed what coverage the other driver had, you may need to consider a lawsuit. Holding the other driver accountable may be the only way to avoid financial issues from the crash.


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