Does your vehicle have a dangerous Takata air bag?

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It’s hard to imagine a number like 1 million, but that’s not even close to how many cars have been recalled as a result of dangerous Takata air bags. Over the last decade, approximately 37 million vehicles have been subjected to Takata air bag recalls, and it’s not because they could fail to deploy. It’s because they could explode like grenades.

A total of 22 people have already died throughout the world because of these defective devices, so it’s vital that you check to see if your car needs a free repair. Failure to do so could result in a defective air bag exploding and shooting deadly metal shrapnel into the passenger compartment.

Here are a few things every car owner needs to do to prevent an injury or death related to a Takata air bag:

  • Look up your vehicle identification number (VIN) and call the automotive company that made your car. Alternatively, call a car dealership that sells your vehicle and ask if your car was a part of the Takata air bag recall.
  • If your vehicle was affected, take your car to your local dealership and ask for a free air bag recall repair.
  • Go online to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website and sign up for a recall alert email list so you’ll receive any future information that might affect your car. Just because your car has not yet appeared on a recall list does not mean that it won’t in the future.
  • Be careful to check whether your car has an “Alpha” air bag. These air bags have a much higher risk of explosion. Individuals with Alpha air bags should stop driving their cars immediately and tow them to the dealership for a repair.
  • Watch for future recalls: More vehicles will appear on recall lists through the end of 2019. Keep an eye out to ensure that your car doesn’t show up on a new list.

Did you or a family member suffer a Takata air bag related injury?

Following any car crash that resulted in the death of a driver or passenger, it’s important to rule out all possible causes of death. Especially if it was a low-velocity crash that caused a fatality, family members of the deceased may not want to rule out the possibility of a defective air bag causing their loved one’s death.


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