Taking action after your child was misdiagnosed

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When your child is suffering from an illness, you have no choice but to have faith in the medical practitioners that treat him or her. In the vast majority of cases, children are diagnosed accurately and treated appropriately when they become ill.

However, when there is a delayed diagnosis or a misdiagnosis, serious or even tragic consequences can occur. This is especially true in cases of young children, since they can be more vulnerable to disease.

Pediatric care is the medical treatment of children. When the pediatric care given to a child falls short of what is considered professional and competent, parents of the child occasionally consider taking legal action. This is usually done by filing a pediatric medical malpractice claim. If your child was misdiagnosed, or treated in an incompetent manner by medical professionals in the state of Ohio, you may want to consider taking legal action.

What are the most common types of pediatric medical malpractice claims?

Studies have shown that children who were suffering from appendicitis, meningitis, brain damage and pneumonia lead to the highest numbers of pediatric medical malpractice claims. These claims are often concerned with delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis of the condition which, in turn, led to unnecessary complications.

What makes a pediatric medical malpractice claim successful?

In any medical malpractice claim, there must be some proof that the actions of an individual medical provider or the procedures in place in a hospital were incompetent in some way.

For example, if a child was misdiagnosed with a less severe condition when he or she had meningitis, an investigation must be conducted into the actions of the medical providers and the procedures of the hospital. If tests were not conducted that should have been, given the symptoms, this could be defined as negligence in a medical malpractice claim. However, if the investigation concludes that even the most competent doctor could not have quickly diagnosed the child, a claim may not be successful.

If you believe that your child was not treated with competency when suffering from health problems in the state of Ohio, it is important that you conduct further research into your legal rights.


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