Truck accident claims can involve several defendants

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Building an injury claim after a commercial truck accident is often much more complicated than an injury claim from an accident between consumer drivers, even when the causes of the accident are not disputed. Victims who experience commercial truck accidents must focus on building their claims as soon as they can, because the longer they wait, the more difficult it is to gather important evidence to make a strong case.

Commercial trucks haul cargo for businesses, meaning that there are usually more parties involved in the claim than the driver alone. The more complicated the accident, the more difficult it is to understand how to fight for fair compensation, so a well-crafted legal strategy and professional guidance are useful ways keep victims’ rights protected during recovery.

When the driver of a commercial truck is at fault

When a commercial truck driver causes an accident, they may or may not be legally liable for the damages. This depends on the nature of their relationship with the hiring party. If they operate as independent contractors, they may face the legal liability themselves, but not if they are employees.

Often, employers are liable for their employees’ actions. If the driver is technically an employee, then the employer may be a defendant. It is wise to scrutinize this relationship closely, because employers may try to misclassify an employee to avoid this type of liability.

When a third party causes the accident

Sometimes, some aspect of the truck or the load it carries causes an accident. Even a skilled and attentive truck driver may not be able to avoid an accident if their load shifts while they are driving, a component of the truck breaks or a repair fails.

In these cases, it is important to understand who is responsible. Is it the company that loaded the cargo improperly? A sloppy brake repair? Once a victim understands what caused the accident, it is much easier to move forward, but it can take time to figure these things out, and the parties responsible are not in a hurry.

If you recently experienced a truck accident, do not waste any more time before building your legal strategy. You have rights that deserve protecting, and you may deserve significant compensation for your injuries and losses, and the longer you wait to begin, the longer you must wait to for justice. Keep your rights and priorities secure with a well-crafted strategy today.


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