A mild brain injury can ruin anyone’s career

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No matter what field of work a person is in, a brain injury can quickly destroy their working relationships, as well as their personal relationships. Often, these injuries do not present any symptoms for up to two weeks, and by that time the victim may not even remember that they suffered a blow to the head at all.

Unfortunately, the symptoms of a minor brain injury often disrupt a victim’s ability to complete familiar tasks and may cause frustrating miscommunications with coworkers, family, and friends.

If you believe that you may have a mild brain injury, or if you recently experienced a blow to the head in an accident, it is important to undergo a complete examination from a medical professional. This can help establish an official diagnosis and make it much easier to explain your circumstances to your employer or others around you.

Difficulty completing tasks

One of the most common symptoms of a mild traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is difficulty maintaining focus. Victims from all walks of life find that they simply cannot focus on their work or other responsibilities, even if they are working on a simple task that they have completed many times.

This experience is frustrating for many reasons. If other people are waiting on the victim to complete a task, the victim may experience others’ anger or disappointment at their difficulty completing something that seems simple or that they completed easily before the injury. At the same time, the victim often becomes angry with themselves because they cannot understand why completing the task is such a struggle.

At the same time, mild TBIs often cause victims to react irrationally to frustrating situations, and these symptoms can create an endless downward spiral. Without proper treatment, the victim may destroy their professional and personal relationships before they realize what causes their behavior.

Difficulty communicating

Victims of mild TBIs often misinterpret the things they read or conversations that they have with others, which can cause many complications. The injury has an effect much like scrambling the victim’s brain, but only a little bit. Commonly, victims recognize the words that they read or hear, but interpret them in strange ways. For instance, a victim may see a sign on a breakfast diner that says “Open Sunday thru Friday 6 — 3” and assume that this means the diner is open from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m., or that the diner can serve between six and three people.

This loss of contextual understanding is not easy for the victim to recognize, and can create enormous complications in their work lives as well as their personal lives.

If you believe that you suffered a mild brain injury in an accident, you should seek out the treatment you need and consider whether any other party holds liability for the injury. If someone else is responsible for the injury, then you can begin building a strong legal strategy for keeping your rights protected while you work toward a full recovery and seek fair compensation.


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