Bicycle safety must be taught to children

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Bicycle safety is important throughout the year, especially for children. Parents should make sure that their children are doing what they should to remain safe. It is imperative that only children who are able to make sound safety decisions be allowed to ride by themselves even if they are only on the way to school.

Children who aren’t practicing proper bike safety can suffer serious injuries. They can fall off the bicycle and may be hit by a vehicle. In all cases, these are situations that could have been prevented if proper safety procedures were followed by the children and anyone who is around bicyclists.

Get a bike the right size

You shouldn’t try to ride a bike that is too small or too big. You should be able to stand with your feet flat on the ground if you are standing over the top bar of the bike. Ideally, there will be a gap of 2 to 3 inches between you and the bar. Everything on the bike should be functioning. This includes the brakes and tires. The seat should be stable and free of any wobble. The handlebars must also be firmly attached.

Wear proper gear

The proper gear for bicycles includes a helmet, sneakers and clothing that makes it easy for motorists to see the child. The helmet should meet the requirements set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. You can look for a sticker that denotes this to find out if the one your child has is suitable. The helmet must fit properly and should be placed directly on the head without hats or anything else beneath them.

Follow the law

Parents must ensure that their kids know the route to take for their trip. If this is a route they will take often, it is best to practice this ahead of time so that there is no doubt about where they need to go. This gives you a place to look if they don’t make it home or to school on time.

When a child is involved in a bike accident, they can suffer serious injuries. This could lead to a trip to the hospital or doctor. If the incident was the result of another person’s negligence, such as a driver who strikes the child, the parents can seek compensation through the Ohio legal system for damages.


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