How can drowsy driving impact you?

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Cleveland residents share the road with many other drivers, and not all of them are guaranteed to be as awake and alert as they should be. Today, we at JKFM Law are here to discuss how drowsy driving can potentially affect you.

First of all, when a driver is drowsy, their attentiveness and concentration drop. They might not even notice that there is danger to react to. Even if they do notice, chances are they won’t be able to react in time because these mental capabilities are all impacted by exhaustion.

Because drowsy drivers have poor reaction times and attentiveness, crashes they become involved in can be quite severe. They often make little to no effort to prevent the crash in the first place due to being partially or fully asleep. Crashes can also be spontaneous, as drivers can drift into other lanes as they doze at the wheel. This gives you very little reaction time to work with in order to keep yourself safe.

Drowsy driving doesn’t get the same attention that driving under the influence or distracted driving can get. Because of that, many drivers are under the impression that it actually isn’t a “big deal” to drive while you are feeling tired. This is a misconception that can get people seriously injured or worse. Until there are successful campaigns to bring awareness to the problem of drowsy driving, it is entirely likely that people will continue to be hurt.

If you or a loved one have faced a catastrophic injury due to the reckless actions of another driver, consider taking a look at our web page on personal injury, linked here.


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