Recent 2015 Ford Fusion recall poses safety risk

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Sometimes, car manufacturers will release vehicles to the market even if there are still potential safety risks. In some of these situations, the manufacturer may not even be aware of the hazard until years after dealerships have sold the model to thousands of people. While dealers may offer a fix or an extended warranty, sometimes drivers don’t find out about the needed repairs until it is too late and someone has already been injured. A recent recall for the 2015 model of the Ford Fusion raises concerns for any Ohio citizens who own these vehicles. provides up-to-date information about vehicle recalls. According to their website, the cables that hold the passenger and driver side front seatbelts securely in position are at risk of degraded tensile strength in all 2015 Ford Fusions, due to a flaw in the anchor pretensioners causing a buildup in temperature. It is possible for car owners to take their vehicles in to any Ford dealership and have a protective coating applied which will prevent possible damage to the seatbelt cable from the high temperatures. However, if the coating is not applied, the flaw can increase the risk of injury due to the seatbelts not functioning properly.

If someone has had a car for years, he or she may not think to regularly check for new announcements of recalls. In any case, the responsibility in these instances is not on the car owner, but rather on the car manufacturer, who may be liable for any resulting injuries. Those who have been injured driving a 2015 Ford Fusion may wish to speak with a personal injury attorney to see if they may be entitled to financial compensation.


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