Why are drowsy drivers so dangerous?

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Residents of Ohio know that you share the road with a myriad of people, and not all of them drive safely. Some engage in distracted driving behaviors. Distracted driving tends to result in the highest fatalities and worst injuries. Today we will look at drowsy driving, which falls under this umbrella.

Drowsy driving impacts drivers in a way similar to drunk driving or texting while driving. This can include drivers:

  • Suffering from slower reflexes
  • Being unable to detect danger in time to circumvent it
  • Having slowed mental functions
  • Being worse at judging situations
  • Falling asleep at the wheel

The act of falling asleep while driving is by and far one of the riskiest parts of drowsy driving. When asleep, a driver completely loses all control over their vehicle. Even if they are only asleep for a few seconds, they can still travel a great distance, especially on the freeway.

Even when not asleep, the aforementioned issues make a drowsy driver a dangerous one. They are unable to predict danger in time to react to it. They often cannot stop in time to avoid hitting other vehicles. Many do not even have time to slow down. This means that a number of crashes with drowsy drivers happen at full speed or close to it. This is a big reason why these crashes are so dangerous.

If you want to read more about how distracted driving behaviors can lead to car crashes, you can visit our web page. You can look more into drowsy driving or read about other distracted driving behaviors.


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