How a truck’s computer can help your accident case

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The government has rules meant to help curb truckers from driving too much before resting. Drowsy driving is a serious problem on the roadways, and the Cleveland area is no stranger to the dangers of truck drivers taking to the road fatigued. 

Truck drivers bear a great responsibility when commanding a big rig. The sheer size and weight of their loads prove difficult in even the best circumstances, but when other factors come into play that may change the way a driver behaves, the consequences may end in catastrophe. Accidents with semi-trucks are some of the deadliest for car and truck drivers alike. After a crash with a semi, you may have a silent ally that may help you recover. Take a look at the black box underneath a truck’s hood. 

Black boxes are not just for airplanes 

When a plane crashes, there is a lot of talk about recovering the black box. This nearly indestructible recorder is a crucial piece of evidence in determining the crash’s contributing factors. In semis, black boxes function much in the same way. These small computers record things like: 

  • Miles traveled 
  • Acceleration and deceleration 
  • Speed before the crash 
  • Whether the driver wore his or her seatbelt 
  • Status of tire pressure 
  • All communication the trucker had with the trucking company, including emails 

This, and other information provided by the data gathered by the black box, may provide useful in determining if the truck driver became distracted or fatigued or had to deal with mechanical issues. 

Evidence in a trucking accident  

An accident involving a semi yields a drawn-out investigation by many different entities. Aside from your insurance company, other investigative entities may include the truck driving company, the NTSB, and the driver’s insurer. The more data available, the more likely these investigators will find the cause of the accident and rule on fault. 

When it comes to dealing with the fallout from a collision with a semi, many elements may come into play. That is why you should find assistance to help you seek compensation and represent your needs at the onset. 


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