Motorcycle accidents and the inability to walk

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When someone is hit by a vehicle while riding a motorcycle, they will likely face many challenges in the days and months following the crash. At the law firm of JKFM, we know that for many victims this includes financial issues, stress, problems related to missing work and mental trauma. However, some people in Ohio face long-term hardships as a result of a motorcycle collision, such as the inability to walk. Some people are sidelined for a few months and are able to recover and walk again, while others are immobilized for the rest of their lives. 

Motorcycle accidents are particularly likely to cause such serious injuries because of the size of vehicles in comparison to much smaller motorcycles. Motorcyclists have little to protect themselves and while wearing helmets can prevent head injuries, when a car or truck hits a motorcyclist (especially at high speeds) the outcome is often very devastating. Losing the ability to walk interferes with many facets of one’s life. Victims of these wrecks often have to switch careers (or stop working altogether) due to immobility. Moreover, they often have problems in their personal relationships, financial difficulties and many other consequences due to the accident. 

Those who are struggling with immobility or any other hardship as a result of a reckless driver’s actions deserve justice. It is imperative for motorcycle accident victims to closely explore their legal options and on our blog, we discuss other issues related to recovering from a crash. Some victims feel like giving up, but these accidents shatter lives in so many ways that recovery requires a methodical approach in court and outside of the courtroom. 


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