2 killed, many others injured in multi-car collision in Cleveland

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Some car accidents in Cleveland may produce little more than minor vehicle body damage; many others may result in catastrophic injuries or even death. In either case, however, those not at fault may be entitled to compensation from those that are. The word “compensation” may seem to imply a sense of vindictiveness on the part of those who seek it, yet in reality, many only do so because they are left with little choice. In many cases, the amount made available through insurance coverage simply is not enough to cover all of one’s accident expenses. 

This can be especially true when devastating accidents occur. Such is the only description that fits a recent collision that occurred on E. 93rd Street. A speeding Kia caused a wreck that ultimately led to collisions between four vehicles. Three people were taken to a local hospital in critical condition, while a young boy was taken to another facility in stable condition. Two people were killed in the collision, one of whom was a passenger in the Kia that the accident while the other was the driver of the vehicle that it hit head-on. 

While authorities are still investigating what caused the car in question to lose control and cause the accident, this case (and others like it) seems to leave little room for interpretation in deciding who was at fault. While fault might not always mean negligence, it does place the responsibility for assisting accident victims with their expenses on the shoulders of those who caused collisions. Yet seeking such compensation and actually receiving it are two different things. Fortunately, an experienced personal injury attorney may help in both earning financial assistance for accident victims and in ensuring that the obligation that it be paid is enforced. 


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