Bigger vehicles mean bigger problems for pedestrians

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When you’re walking amidst cars that seem to get bigger and bigger every year, that feeling that things are getting more dangerous may not be misplaced. Pedestrians are facing record-breaking risks as they walk amongst traffic.

Pedestrian deaths on the road are at their highest point in 30 years, following years of declining rates until 2009. The number of fatalities has since jumped over 50%. While distracted drivers and road design certainly contribute, trending vehicles may hog the road in this regard.

Purchasing power

Americans are continuing to buy enormous vehicles that come with higher vantage points, more weight and increased power. Drivers that take the wheel of a new truck or SUV may see the advantages of having a larger vehicle as a safety advantage. The ones that may not benefit from these advantages are the ones outside the ride.

Those driving large vehicles generally sit at an elevated position with a lot more mass surrounding them. This makes it harder for them to see their surroundings, where cars are at a more level playing field with pedestrians.

Brake checking

And when they do make contact, the walker rarely wins. While a car may throw a pedestrian onto the hood, focusing injuries to the lower body, and large front end is more likely to push a person down and drive over them, putting vulnerable body parts at risk.

Finding yourself on the wrong end of a truck or SUV can change your life in an instant. Medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering can all be on the table if you decide to make a claim, so it’s important to understand the next steps to take.


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