Mother sues hospital over infant’s wrongful death

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Healthcare is vitally important and when a patient is in need, there is no reason they should have to vet their medical professionals. It is expected that expert care be provided. A mother from Waterville is seeking damages for that lack during the labor of her infant son.

According to Toledo’s news outlet The Blade, Kaley Cocoran of Waterville has filed a malpractice lawsuit against Dr. Dayna Mohammadione. During their hospital stay, the lawsuit alleges that the doctor, Promedica Toledo Hospital and Promedica’s Obstetrics and Physician Group failed to provide proper medical care.

While neither party provided comments, details of the case remark a lack of monitoring prior and during Ms. Cocoran’s delivery as well as concerns that a slow delivery led to a lack of oxygen and blood to her son’s brain. The lawsuit is filing for a monetary judgment in excess of $25,000, citing emotional trauma and approximately $10,000 worth of funeral expenses.

Dr. Mohammadione’s history of medical malpractice includes another case from 2015 where a Jennifer Billups suffered a stroke in her home after calling about severe abdominal pain. Mohammadione advised against a hospital visit while on call for Maumee OB/GYN. A settlement awarded the couple more than 10.9 million in damages.

Malpractice is a risk patients unfortunately face that accompanies some of the riskiest moments of their lives. Surgery, labor and other procedures need experts who can work in top-form under immense pressure. Accidents happen, but when things go wrong it can be disastrous for patients. It may be prudent to seek out legal counsel if there is reason to believe malpractice has occurred.


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