What are the most common medical malpractice claims?

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The medical community spends years training to help and serve the people. Those in medical care promise to “do no harm.” However, there are times when medical practitioners commit preventable errors. Find out more about how negligent behavior may find medical professionals on the hook for malpractice.

Diagnostic errors

The most common claim of malpractice against doctors has to with diagnosis errors. Sometimes this means doctors are negligent in assigning the wrong diagnosis without all relevant information considered. Other times, not reaching a diagnosis timely may rise to negligence. Either the doctor fails to listen to the patients, run the proper tests or misinterprets results. Regardless, diagnostic errors lead to the most significant number of malpractice claims.

Prescription errors

Doctors prescribe medication to improve a patient’s condition. However, there are times when errors in these drugs may lead to serious illness, injury or even death. In some instances, the medication is wrong because the diagnosis is wrong. In other cases, the dosage is too high, or the patient may have an unidentified allergy. Hospitals and nurses may also commit malpractice when a hospitalized patient receives the wrong medication or the incorrect dose. Pharmacists may also find themselves facing malpractice claims if they fail to recognize drug interactions before dispensing medication.

Birth injuries

Doctors who deliver babies face scrutiny over procedures, timing and methods of delivery. While a baby’s body is tolerant of most of the rigors of birth, some issues may throw this out of balance. Doctors who wait too long to deliver a baby in distress may inadvertently cause brain damage due to oxygen deprivation. Birth injuries may range from temporary, such as a shoulder dislocation to long-lasting, as in the case of cerebral palsy.

Medical professionals make mistakes, but when these are the result of negligence, they may find themselves the subject of medical malpractice claims.


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