Complications before and after surgery cited in lawsuit

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When a patient seeks treatment from a clinician in Cleveland, they typically do so understanding that there is often an inherent with such actions. Yet that understanding typically only applies to the goals of their treatment; any and all ancillary steps along the way often do not concern them. 

Yet that is usually not due to them only focusing on the desired outcome of their treatment, but rather an expectation that their clinicians’ experience and expertise will ensure that all of the seemingly minor details related to their care and recovery remain completely under control. 

Lawsuit cites multiple examples of perceived negligence 

Unfortunately, it is often from those ancillary steps and procedures that the biggest (and worst) issues emerge. This is in line with the accusations made by a man against a Washington, D.C. hospital and its affiliated provider organization in his medical malpractice lawsuit. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff claims that the doctor and the center of the case went ahead with a risky procedure even though he knew that the patient’s recent medical history placed him at a greater risk of experiencing complications. The plaintiff claims that such complications did arise, permanently affected his respiratory functions. He also says that poor management during his hospital stay following his surgery led to him developing bedsores. 

Holding doctors accountable for their errors 

Most understand that clinicians typically do all they can to ensure their patients experience favorable outcomes. At the same time, however, when a patient legitimately believes themselves to be the victim of a doctor’s negligence or inaction, they should have the avenues to at least seek legal action. What those avenues are might become more clear when one has an experienced attorney advising them. 


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