What causes trucking accidents?

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Commercial trucks provide a necessary service to our country. They provide everyone with the goods and products we need every day. When a vehicle hauls tons of products in its trailer, it becomes hazardous if its driver is not in total control.

Every year, thousands of people die in accidents involving big rigs, and 84% of these victims are people other than the trucker. What causes a driver to lose control of these vehicles if these vehicles can cause so much damage?


Driving such a large vehicle takes a considerable toll on the driver. Long hours, high stress, and higher pressure can wear a driver out, especially when they rarely get breaks or sleep. After many days in a row working in such a stressful condition, drivers can lose focus and suffer delayed reaction times to unexpected situations on the road.


Every driver faces many distractions on the road. Eating, looking at a phone, and adjusting the radio or GPS are all distractions drivers face on the road. For truckers, they have considerably more equipment in their vehicle that may need their attention occasionally. Whether a driver is looking for a new radio station or using their communications radio, every second with eyes off the road turns into hundreds of yards driving blind.

Influenced driving

Drugs and alcohol are just as much as a possibility for truckers as they are other drivers, but the consequences of a trucker taking them can be much more devastating. In addition to influences that most people would expect, truckers are also more likely to take amphetamines or pills that keep users awake. These drugs can also contribute to fatigue and result in improper driving techniques and other dangerous decisions.

Neglected maintenance

Dangerous road conditions, bad weather, and other road hazards can appear at any time. When these obstacles get in the way of a trucker, the trucker relies on the integrity of their vehicle to overcome the obstacle. If brakes fail, windshield wipers cannot clear a windshield, or if headlights cannot provide the vision a driver needs, it can cost lives.

Many things can cause an accident with a commercial truck. Any precaution to avoid these causes can make the road a safer place for everyone.


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