Disabling auto safety features could factor in with accidents

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In Cleveland, drivers may be under the impression that advanced safety features can reduce the number of auto accidents. These technological innovations include automatic braking, lane assist, cruise control and more. Automobile manufacturers are constantly seeking strategies to make the roads safer. Still, these features are useless if drivers disable them. When there is an auto accident and the vehicle supposedly had advanced safety features, it might be important to know whether the driver was even using it. This could be a key factor in a legal filing.

A survey by Erie Insurance found that a substantial number of drivers disable these features. The insurer asked 500 drivers across the U.S. about this issue. These drivers were 18 or older and had a vehicle manufactured in 2016 and beyond. They were asked if they used lane assist, cruise control and other advanced technology. Of the respondents, 30% stated they turn off the speed aspect of cruise control. Also, 23% disabled lane assist and the monitor that tracks driver attention. Seventeen percent said they turned off automatic braking; 21% disabled lane departure warning; and 14% turned off traffic sign recognition.

The drivers gave justifications for their decision to turn these devices off. Driver attention warnings were said to send too many false alarms. For lane keeping and blind spot monitoring, the drivers said they preferred to be in control. Lane departure, according to them, did not help. Six percent said they did not trust the backup camera; 9% did not believe rear cross traffic notifications were beneficial. Drivers tend to be reluctant to let the vehicle take control in many areas. More than one-third of those who took part said they would not buy a vehicle that had adaptive cruise control. A positive is that relatively few drivers said they did not want a forward collision warning.

Safety features are designed to help people avoid accidents. Drivers choosing not to implement them when driving may have a collision that may otherwise have been avoidable. People who have suffered personal injury or lost a loved one in auto accidents should be cognizant of all the potential factors in a crash. This can be critical when seeking compensation for medical costs, lost income, lost companionship, future care and more. A full investigation can help with gathering evidence and taking the necessary steps to file a claim. Consulting with a law firm experienced in auto crashes may be helpful.


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