3 reasons to go to the ER after a car accident

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If you are like many of your neighbors, you dislike going to the doctor’s office. While there may be little harm in delaying a routine physical, you should never skip medical care after any car accident. 

Following a crash, you are likely to have the opportunity to visit the emergency room. Whether you ride in an ambulance or get there some other way, you should go to the ER for three important reasons. 

1. Injury symptoms may not appear immediately

Your body has a stress response that prepares you to fight dangers or run away from them. Unfortunately, though, this response may hide injury symptoms, causing them not to appear immediately. ER physicians can use tests and other methods to find masked injuries. 

2. Documenting the accident is essential

To protect your legal interests, you should take steps to document the accident. These include obtaining medical care and keeping related records. When you let an ER doctor examine you immediately after an accident, you have contemporaneous documentation about the injuries you sustained in the crash. 

3. You may not have to pay

If you have health insurance, there is a good chance your ER visit may not cost you much. Even if you must pay out-of-pocket expenses, though, you may be able to pursue compensation for your medical bills from the individual who caused the accident. 

Either way, you should not let potential medical expenses dissuade you from receiving adequate medical care. Following even a seemingly minor collision, you should let an ER physician determine if the crash has left you with a potentially life-altering injury. 


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