Addressing the occurrences of misdiagnoses

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Advances in medicine give much hope to patients in Ohio and elsewhere; however, being reliant on these advances and technology in general could pose problems for the medical profession. Because there is much trust in medical professionals to properly diagnose and treat patients, patients trust the methods in which their medical providers complete this. However, when errors are made or the proper tests are not completed, this could lead to diagnostic errors or a delay in a diagnosis.

Addressing misdiagnoses

Because a misdiagnosis could mean life or death for many patients, reducing the occurrences of diagnostic errors is vital. As a means to address diagnostic errors for certain cancers, a new medical breakthrough is currently being researched. While it is in its clinical trial phase, this breakthrough is a liquid biopsy. This means that a blood sample will be taken and tested for tumor cells.

Early research has found that blood tests could accurately detect the presence of 20 types of cancer. Currently, the test that scans for tumor-specific DNA in the blood identified early stage cancer in more than half of the 138 patients with the disease. While this shows some promise, it does not provide a very secure method to diagnose a patient.

Failure to diagnose

Failing to diagnose a patient could cause a patient to worsen. Additionally, misdiagnosing a patient could cause a patient to not be treated at all or undergo the wrong treatment. This could cause worsened condition or new conditions to occur. Because of this, medical professional continually look for other methods to detect cancer and other illnesses so patients are properly diagnosed.

Despite the efforts to reduce misdiagnoses, they unfortunately still occur. Thus, when a patient has suffered because of a misdiagnoses or a loved one is lost because of a diagnostic error, it is possible to take action. A patient or the surviving family members of a deceased patient could file a medical malpractice suit. This civil action could help establish the cause of the medical error and the liability associated with it. This could ultimately assist with the recovery of compensation to address damages caused by the matter.



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