Big rigs, preventable accidents and motorist injuries

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If you are on the freeway driving next to an 18-wheeler that cannot seem to stay in its lane properly, you have a right to be nervous. 

Trucking companies have ongoing concerns about large truck accidents that could be prevented. Motorists severely injured in such accidents have concerns over the effect on their lives. 

About preventable truck accidents

In a 2017 study, researchers at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute estimated that automatic emergency braking systems installed on trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds could prevent 5,294 crashes annually. However, results from a 2016 study by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration showed that truck drivers did not change their driving habits significantly when using a heavy vehicle crash avoidance system. Drivers are not immune to distracted driving, for example, and this, along with cargo overloading, remains one of the major causes of preventable truck-related accidents. 

New technologies

Along with crash avoidance systems, new technologies that can help reduce the number of preventable truck accidents include dash camera and rear-view camera systems, anti-lock braking capabilities, roll-over stability controls, blind-spot monitoring and radar-sensing adaptive cruise control. However, trucking companies acknowledge that drivers may find any new safety feature distracting in itself and requires adequate training. 

Thorough investigation

Despite technological advances that could improve safety, collisions between big rigs and passenger vehicles continue to occur, and it is not uncommon for the occupants of the smaller vehicle to receive devastating injuries. In some cases, a victim will have to endure the aftereffects for a lifetime. Advocates for the victim, who has the right to full and fair compensation for any injuries suffered, will investigate the collision thoroughly. Large truck accident cases are complex, and it is not unusual for multiple parties to share liability. 


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