Three reasons bike accidents happen

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Biking is a cherished pastime; it’s also a convenient means of transportation for many in the Cleveland area and around the country. There are an estimated 47 million bike riders in the United States.

Bike riding is popular for a reason. It’s both a wonderful form of exercise and carbon neutral, appealing to both fitness gurus and environmentalists. But there are, of course, some negative side effects to so many bikes being on our roadways.

In 2015 there were 467,000 bicycle-related injuries and over a thousand people were killed in bike accidents. Reducing bike accidents has been a topic of interest among policymakers for some time, but they remain stubbornly high.

Common causes

From the bikers perspective, avoiding bike accidents begins with understanding their causes.

  • Blind spots: Many bike-on-car accidents happen because the driver simply doesn’t see the cyclist. At times, this is because the driver is distracted, but other times the biker is positioned in such way that he cannot be seen in any of the car’s rear-view mirrors. Bikers can avoid blind spot accidents by maintaining a healthy distance between themselves and the vehicles around them.
  • Bad roads: It’s no secret, much of the transportation infrastructure in America is faltering, to put it mildly. Potholes and depressions abound on our roadways. The biker is much more vulnerable to spills and crashes because of the bike’s two-wheel structure.
  • Night riding: Riding at night doesn’t have to be dangerous, but many bikers make it so. It goes without saying that a bike, as a relatively small object, is difficult for drivers to see at night. Unfortunately, the problem of visibility is compounded if the bike isn’t properly equipped with lights or flashers. Not making yourself visible to cars is a recipe for disaster.

Serious bike accidents can be prevented if the proper precautions are taken but sometimes they’re unavoidable. When they do occur, severe, and even permanent, injuries may follow. Taking the right steps after an accident are critical. Any biker that believes his injuries are the result of wrongdoing or negligence should contact a personal injury attorney immediately.



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