Determining whether one has been the victim of sexual harassment

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When people in the Cleveland area go to work, they have specific job tasks that they must complete each day. The type of tasks they need to complete vary depending on the type of job that they have and how busy they happen to be at the time. While there are many differences between jobs, one thing is common for many workers and that is that they have co-workers who they must work with and interact with on a daily basis.

Having co-workers is often necessary in order to run the company and people rely on them to complete certain tasks so they can do their job as well. The interaction should be helpful though and not detrimental to their work performance. However, sometimes co-workers can be a distraction and make it difficult to stay on task. Often this is just simple annoyances, but sometimes it is more than just annoying and is actually harassment. One common form of harassment people experience is sexual harassment.

Actions Considered to be Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment could be unwanted sexual advances, comments of a sexual nature, physical sexual assaults and other behavior of a sexual nature that has an unreasonable detrimental effect on people’s work performance or creates a hostile work environment.

The victims can be people of both sexes and the harasser can be anyone the person interacts with while at work. This could be managers, supervisors, co-workers or even non-employees the person works with during the day. Also, the victim does not necessarily need to be person being directly harassed as long as the activity affects their ability to work by creating an hostile environment.

People in Cleveland interact with their co-workers every time they go to work. People may like some co-workers better than others for a variety of reasons. Some could just be annoying to them, but some make sexual advances or sexual comments throughout the day that go beyond simply being annoying and affect people’s work performance. These individuals may be the victims of sexual harassment and entitled to compensation as a result. These are sometimes difficult cases to prove though and consulting with experienced attorneys could be beneficial.


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