New employment law seeks to protect against hair discrimination

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Employment discrimination can come in many forms in Ohio and across the United States. In an employment setting, the best-case scenario is for everyone to be treated equally when they are seeking a job or are already employed. However, it is an unfortunate truth that discriminatory acts take place for myriad reasons that have nothing to do with job performance. Whether it is due to race, national origin, age, sexual preference or for any other factor, people who are subjected to employment law violations should be cognizant of their rights. One factor that has recently been addressed is hair discrimination.

New law will protect people from hair-based discrimination

A new law is designed to shield people from hair-based discriminatory acts on the job. While this might sound unusual, it has gained prominence and grown so troublesome that legislation was warranted. “Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair” (the CROWN Act) takes a stand against employers who might have discriminated against workers due to their hair and its texture. Often, this type of discrimination impacts people based on their race – specifically Black people. It can also affect those who have a certain hairstyle based on their religious beliefs. The objective is to provide the same protections for everyone so they are not deprived a job or unable to advance due to arbitrary factors like their hair.

Combating workplace discrimination may require legal help

There are many forms of discrimination and people who have been victimized should understand what steps they can take to combat it. Despite greater attention being paid to workplace issues, violations are still happening with a worrisome frequency. Many people are fearful of speaking up because they do not want to make the situation worse, do not believe that anything can be done to stop it, or are unaware of their rights. Those who have been discriminated against for any reason should know that it is against the law.

Employers often have a dress code, but if that extends to a violation of the CROWN Act, it could be the basis for a lawsuit. With this new legislation, people who have faced challenges because of their hair can address it through the legal system. If a person was demoted, dismissed, harassed or mistreated, it is vital to know what can be done. For advice and help with this or any issue related to employment law, consulting with an experienced legal professional may be beneficial.


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