Sexual harassment allegations against Governor Cuomo

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Employers and government agencies have been repeated rocked over the past few years by allegations of sexual harassment. Indeed, the #metoo movement has brought to light decades of unpunished and pervasive sexual harassment that has permeated every industry, including government. The most recent allegations though fall on an unlikely person, New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo.

The allegations

A former aid to the governor, Lindsey Boylan recently made allegation over twitter of sexual harassment, including unwanted verbal and physical sexual contacts. Specifically, she alleges that in 2018, the governor both kissed her without her consent and said the two should play strip poker. Of course, the governor and his office strongly disavow these allegations.

The falling star

Critics throughout the state, including New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio, are calling for an investigation into Ms. Boylan’s allegations. These allegations have already tarnished the reputation of the formerly much beloved governor, whose star has steadily risen over the past year when he gave his daily reports. These reports were often seen as a bastion of truth and focus at a time where everything felt out of control.

What can we take away from this?

The key takeaway for Cleveland, Ohio, metro area, and the northern tier of Ohio counties, like Akron and Canton, residents is that no matter where or under who one chooses to work, sexual harassment can happen. No industry is immune. However, this does not mean that victims must suffer in silence. No, sexual harassment is against the law, period, and when one is a victim, they should contact an attorney immediately to vindicate their rights and get compensation.


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