Three common types of medication errors

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When a person in the Cleveland area has a heart attack, they may be prescribed blood thinners. If they broke their leg, they may be prescribed painkillers. If they have strep throat, they may be prescribed antibiotics.

These are only a few examples of the myriad of prescription medications a person may take. However, doctors and pharmacists are only human, and sometimes make medication mistakes. The following is an overview of three common types of medication errors.

Incorrect prescriptions

Sometimes the prescribing physician makes an error in the type of medication to prescribe, the correct dosage to prescribe or fails to keep the patient’s medical history in mind. Any of these mistakes can seriously harm a patient. A misdiagnosis can lead to prescription errors.

Improper preparation of medications

Once a physician prescribes a medication, generally the pharmacist is responsible for preparing and packaging it. For example, if the pharmacist’s hands are not clean, this could contaminate the medication, causing the patient to suffer serious harm. Identifying the wrong medication or what ingredients are in the medication can also harm patients.

Paperwork errors

It is essential that all the paperwork regarding the prescription is free of mistakes. For example, if the physician adds an extra number or if there are typos in the prescription, this could result in the patient receiving the wrong type of medication or an incorrect dosage of the medication.

If a patient’s medical chart was not reviewed, they could receive a medication that they have an allergy to or has a negative interaction with other medications taken or a preexisting condition. Paperwork errors can seriously harm a patient.

Learn more about pharmaceutical errors

It is essential that physicians and pharmacists exercise due care when it comes to prescribing medications. The failure to do so could lead to a medical malpractice claim. Those who want to learn more about this topic are encouraged to review our firm’s medical malpractice page for further information.


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