The high costs of surgical errors for victims

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Surgical errors can betray the faith patients have in their medical care and can be costly for them physically, financially and emotionally. For that reason, victims should be familiar with how medical malpractice legal options can help them with their damages.

The costs of surgical errors

Thousands of preventable surgical mistakes occur each year costing over a billion dollars in medical malpractice settlements and awards. Research shows that on a weekly basis, surgeons leave foreign objects such as sponges or towels inside victims close to 40 times; perform the wrong procedure of a victim 20 times; and operate on the wrong body site of the victim 20 times. The research also showed that the consequences of surgical errors ranged from temporary injury in 59% of cases, death in 6.6% of cases and permanent injury 33% of the time.

Researchers fear that the number of preventable surgical errors is likely even higher because some, if not many, go unreported. They are considered preventable mistakes that can has drastic consequences for victims and their families.

Remedies for surgical errors

Because surgical errors can cause victims injuries, permanent injuries and even death medical malpractice legal resources can help hold negligent surgeons accountable and assist with their damages. A medical malpractice claim against the negligent medical care provider can help with medical expenses, lost earnings pain and suffering damages. There can be both physical and emotional trauma associated with medical malpractice harm which is why victims and their families should be familiar with the legal protections available to them.


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