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At Jeffries, Kube, Forrest & Monteleone Co. L.P.A., our goal is to help individuals and families with their legal problems. We take a compassionate approach to our clients but an aggressive approach to our cases. With more than 30 years of experience, our attorneys know how to handle any legal matter that comes their way.

One of our firm’s practice areas is employment law. If you have questions regarding discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination or other employment matters, our law firm can help. Contact our employment lawyers for a free initial consultation. We can help you.

How The Law Can Help Workers

For most people, their work is extremely important to their well-being and self-worth. Laws protect workers from unfair treatment by employers. Examples include:

  • Discrimination: Unfortunately, workplace discrimination is still common nationwide and in the Cleveland area. This includes age discrimination, disability discrimination, pregnancy discrimination and discrimination based on race.
  • Retaliation: This is when an employer takes action against an employee who has asserted his or her rights.
  • Sexual harassment: There should be no tolerance for on-the-job sexual harassment.
  • Wage and hour violations by employers.
  • Whistleblower actions: State and federal law provide protection to whistleblowers.
  • Wrongful termination: There are many scenarios in which firing an employee violates the law.

If you are the victim of illegal action by your employer, speak with one of our lawyers regarding your legal options.

Get Answers Today To Your Questions

If you need help with an employment law situation, our lawyers can help. We provide clients with sound legal advice and representation on their employment law matters. Contact our law firm online or by calling us toll free at 888-341-5854 or at 216-592-8364.

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