Nurse Errors

Nurses are an important part of a hospital’s operation, and they can be a big part of the success during medical treatment, surgical operations and recovery. Unfortunately, they can also be the reason people suffer debilitating injuries or even lose their lives.

At the law firm of JKFM in Cleveland, we understand that nurses are humans and humans make mistakes. But when those mistakes result in physical harm to patients, it is important to make sure they are held accountable for the damages they cause. We accomplish this by pursuing malpractice claims on behalf of the injured and their families.

Full Compensation For Nursing Errors

Nursing is not a profession for everyone. It requires people who are dedicated to the proper treatment of patients. It requires vigilance and compassion. When those traits are lacking, mistakes can happen that result in long-term damage to patients.

Nurse negligence can come in many forms. We pursue maximum compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, lost earnings and other damages that occur as a result of negligence such as:

  • Medication errors
  • Failure to monitor
  • Inadequate communication and documentation
  • Causing physical injuries during patient transfers
  • Failure to follow doctor’s treatment plan

Our attorneys have extensive experience pursuing medical malpractice claims on behalf of families throughout Ohio, and we have amassed an impressive track record in these difficult cases. As your family goes through a difficult time, you can have the peace of mind with our team pursuing the settlement or jury verdict you deserve.

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