Physician Error

Perhaps your physician missed an important diagnosis causing you further illness or injury, or maybe there was a mistake in your prescription that has adversely affected your life and health. Whatever your situation, our attorney will examine the facts leading up to your case and analyze the evidence to present a strong case for you in court.

With decades of experience, our law firm Jeffries, Kube, Forrest & Monteleone Co. L.P.A. has provided our clients with experienced and skilled representation in the areas of personal injury and medical malpractice. Our attorneys understand the law and the processes surrounding each situation. Established in 1979, our seasoned attorneys have earned a reputation for excellence and will provide you with the confidence you need in court. We are here to alleviate the stress of your situation and to work hard preparing your case. Located in Cleveland, our law firm helps individuals and families throughout Ohio.

If you were the victim of a radiology error or physicians’ error our Cleveland attorneys can help. Call us toll free: 888-341-5854 or at 216-592-8364.

Experienced Representation on Medical Malpractice Cases

We all respect physicians and nurses for the jobs that they do. They work hard and often make life and death decisions. However, while we respect them and are grateful for the hard work they do, patients also have a reasonable expectation that they will be alert enough to do their jobs.

Often physicians are overworked or inattentive because of the long shifts they work. Unfortunately, in today’s medical care delivery system medical professionals often do not get enough sleep. Inattentiveness can cause anyone to miss the simplest thing. For most people inattentiveness at work might mean switching a number or creating an error in a document. But for medical professionals a simple mistake can mean your health or the life of a loved one.

Our Approach to Medical Malpractice Cases

In a physicians’ error case, we are very judicious with our approach. We bring in experts who are practicing physicians to obtain insight on how the error occurred. Our attorneys are diligent in handling these matters. They are committed to being prepared for trial. You can trust that we will work hard on your case and pay attention to all of the details fighting for you and your family every step of the way.

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