Post-Surgical Complications

Going into the hospital for a surgery is a terrifying experience. There are a lot of different complications that can arise. While you understand that those challenges exist, you have a reasonable expectation that your doctor will exercise a standard of care in the work he or she does to keep you as safe as possible. Whether you are an individual who experienced a post-surgical complication or the family member of someone who died because of complications, our law firm can help.

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Professionals Must Uphold a Standard of Care

Doctors are professionals, and just like any professionals, they can make mistakes. No one wants to sue their doctor. We all understand that doctors are charged with important tasks and do a great deal of good. However, architects, accountants, lawyers and other professionals are held to the standard of care of their profession. Doctors are not an exception.

Post-Surgical Complications

If your post-surgical complication stems from a doctor or nurse who has not met the standard of care, you may be facing serious injuries or health risks. Post-surgical complications can stem from many different issues:

  • A doctor has failed to follow up
  • Nurses have difficulty getting a hold of a doctor while the patient experiences complication
  • Serious infection
  • Nursing care after the fact does not meet the standard of care
  • Failure to adequately monitor bleeding from a surgery

Post-Operative Complications: Attorney Serving Ohio

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