Placing your loved one in a nursing home is always a difficult decision. You want a place with a high standard of care and compassion, run by individuals knowledgeable of what the elderly need. When you discover that your loved one has not been cared for in an effective manner, you may have a lawsuit on your hands.

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Bedsores/Pressure Sores

As individuals get older they often lack essential nutrients and lose elasticity in their skin. One of the dangers that exist for the elderly are bedsores or pressure sores that are formed when there is constant pressure on the skin, which reduces the blood supply to the area. These sores can range from redness of the skin to open sores all the way down to the bone. There are a number of ways in which bedsores can be formed, including:

  • Constant pressure on the skin
  • Forcing the skin to fold over itself because of sliding down in a bed or chair
  • Friction burns
  • Skin irritation caused by sweat, urine or feces

Holding Professionals Accountable for a Reasonable Standard of Care

One of the main reasons these sores appear is often because of negligence. Individuals working at nursing homes are underpaid, under supervised and undertrained. When staff allows an elderly relative of yours to sit for more than a week without turning them, horrific injuries can result. Institutions and workers who do not meet the standard of care for their job need to be held accountable not only for your relative but so that this does not happen to other people.

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