Maritime Injuries

Maritime Law protects injured seamen hurt on the job. These claims are governed by Federal law and are very different than the ordinary Workers’ Compensation laws that apply to most other workers. One major difference is that a seaman must prove that his injury was caused by the negligence of the owner or operator of the ship, a fellow crew member, or because of a defect in the vessel or the equipment that was provided. The Jones Act and other Federal claims, however, can provide significant compensation to an injured seaman once liability is established and a seaman can recover against his employer even if he was partially responsible for the accident that caused his injury.

Jeffries, Kube, Forrest & Monteleone Co. L.P.A., in Cleveland, Ohio, provides experienced representation to clients with cases related to the Jones Act and maritime law on the Great Lakes. Our maritime injury attorneys recover damages for crew members, ore boat seaman, and longshoremen who have been injured as the result of any negligence of their employers. Our maritime lawyers work with seamen injured in the service of a vessel to obtain compensation for their injuries and lost wages (also known as maintenance and cure). Jeffries, Kube, Forrest & Monteleone Co. L.P.A., has a reputation for success in obtaining the maximum compensation allowable by law in their case. If we are unable to recover damages in your case, you do not owe us a fee.

If you are an injured seaman in need of a Jones Act lawyer, contact Jeffries, Kube, Forrest & Monteleone Co. L.P.A., to schedule your free initial consultation.

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