Were You Harmed By Tainted Food?

Keeping the food supply safe is a major responsibility shared by those at the Food and Drug Administration all the way down to restaurant owners, kitchen staff and servers. When tainted food results in illness, injury or death, it is crucial that those responsible be held accountable for their negligence.

At the law firm of JKFM in Cleveland, Ohio, we have been handling personal injury claims in Cleveland, Ohio, since 1979, including claims involving botulism caused by tainted food. Our lawyers can help you understand all of your options and pursue a legal strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Food Borne Botulism: A Rare And Life-Threatening Form Of Food Poisoning

Each year in the United States, there are somewhere between 10 and 30 outbreaks of botulism reported. Most of these are associated with improperly processed or prepared food, such as meat, vegetables and seafood.

Botulism attacks the nervous system, resulting in death in severe cases as a result of respiratory failure. Botulism symptoms include vision and speech problems, difficulty swallowing and muscle fatigue.

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