Machine Guarding

When you work at a factory, there is a certain amount of trust you place in your employer. You have a reasonable expectation of working in a safe work environment and expect that the machines you work with are designed and guarded with the intent of keeping you free from harm. If you were injured at work because your employer removed the safety guard from a machine or failed to install a guard that was required, contact our law firm as soon as possible.

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Safety Device Removal

In Ohio, an employer is generally immune from suit for its negligence or its recklessness. Ohio law does hold employers liable when they remove a guard or safety device from a machine or job site.

If your employer removed the safety guard to speed production or has removed or knowingly failed to install any safety device you should consult with one of our attorneys if you have been injured as a result. If your attorney can show that the guard was taken off, then there is a presumption that the employer intended to injure the employee.

Contact Our Ohio Lawyer: Handling Cases Where Employers Removed Safety Devices

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